I AM America 6-Map Scenario

Earth Changes Map United States, 6-Map Scenario by Lori Toye, I AM AmericaThe I AM America 6-Map Scenario illustrates the progression of prophetic Earth Changes in a succession of full-color maps of the United States. Each progressive map contains unique prophecies and foretells how Earth Change events may unfold. The 6-Map Scenario contains prophecies that highlight solutions and Spiritual Teachings to ameliorate and lessen the impact of the Time of Change and usher humanitys consciousness into the New Times. Six different scenarios map the Earth Change Progressions and prophetic possibilities that lead to the creation of the I AM America Map. This Map includes this important information:

The Galactic Web
The New Dimensions
Earths Grid and Planetary Ascension
Specific Prophecies for every region of the United States

The cartographic art of I AM America has received national recognition on NBCs Ancient Prophecies, FOXs Sightings and Art Bells Coast to Coast. Full color, unique door poster: 19″ x 62″.

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