Ascended Master Teaching
Master KH on Desire “Desire that Co-creates the Love of God,” lesson by KH outlines the Five-Fold Path and how spiritual growth is obtained through service.
What is Shamballa? The purpose and ancient myth of the Ascended Masters’ first Golden City.
Who and What are the Ascended Masters?
Seven Rays of Light and Sound An introduction to ray systems, and the science of light and sound.

Prophecy Is Not Prediction The difference between the spiritual philosophy of prophecy and the psychic phenomenon of prediction.
A Constructively Change World There is a positive side to crisis and change.
The Time is Now! The difference between ascending and descending cultures and the cultural root of prophecy.
Hopi Elders’ Prophecy From Oraibi, Arizona, 2000.
Mayan Caldendar – the World Will Not End Carlos Barrios
A Genuine Prophet – Always Wrong! Prophecy signals the need to purify and renew, not doom and gloom.
The Time of Testing
Earth Changes: Free Will and Pre-destination

Following the Star Correlations between Ancient Hopi Prophecy and the I AM America Prophecies.
Cities of Gold The Ancient Valley of the Sun, the Cities of Cibola, the Book of Revelations are correlated to prophecies of the Golden Cities.
Communities of the New Times Golden City Communities will assist in personal and spiritual growth, transformation, and self-actualization.
The Golden Age of Kali-Yuga According to Vedic scholars we are experiencing a time of spiritual light and hope.
Golden City Structure Details of the Golden Cities

Deep Probe This PDF reports a 1995 geological survey in the United States and Canada. Apparently this area of the earth’s crust is considerably thinner east of the Rocky Mountains. This area stretches through Canada and runs south through Mexico. Hot magma is closer to the earth’s surface in this recently discovered geologic anomaly. Interestingly, the survey parallels the prophecies of the I AM America prophecies channeled 1988 through 1991 for the United States and Canada. A new mountain range is shown on the original I AM America Map (published in 1989) in the same location as the 1995 geological survey.
Abrupt Climate Change The Pentagon Reprot, “An Abrupt Climate Change Scenario and Its Implications For United States Security,” by Peter Schwartz and Doug Randall. Read also the story behind this report commissioned by US defense advisor, Andrew Marshall, SPECIAL REPORT, Climate Change Read also: Key Findings of the Pentagon
Pacific Northwest Climate Change Over the 20th Century the Pacific Northwest has grown warmer and wetter. Projections show that by 2090 temperatures are projected to rise and precipitation could increase by 20%. This matches the “tropical climate” prophecy from the I AM America Map for this region. Report from National Assessment Synthesis Team, US Global Change Research Program.
Plate Tectonics & Volcanoes by David Lescinsky, University of Western, Ontario.
The Discovery of Rapid Climate Change “…it takes a while to see what one is not prepared to look for.” By Spencer Weart, Physics Today.
Hurricane Destructiveness in a Warmer World from the Union of Concerned Scientists
Climate Variability and Change Climate Change Science Program Stratetic Plan by US Climate Change Program
Cascadia Subduction Zone Earthquakes A magnitude 9.0 Earthquake Scenario, published by the Cascadia Region Earthquake Workgroup (CREW) a partnership of private and public sectors, including Boeing, Intel, Bonneville Power, University of Washington, University of Oregon and the US Geological Survey.
Canadian Earthquakes Interesting report that correlates to prophecies of the I AM America Freedom Star World Map Earth Changes regarding the British Columbia coast and the St. Lawrence river valley. By Don Gendzwill, University of Saskatchewan.
A Chilling Possibility NASA report. Global warming could plunge North America and Western Europe into a deep freeze, possibly within only a few decades. By disturbing a massive ocean current, melting Arctic sea ice might trigger colder weather in Europe and North America. This is the science behind the massive ice-sheeting of Europe prophesied in New World Atlas Three.
The Next Megaquake A huge megathrust earthquake and tsunami will one day hit America. BBC Science and Nature
Utah Braces for the Future 75% of Utah’s population lives near the Wasatch Fault and the future threat of catastrophic earthquake. Report by USGS

I AM America Newsletter & Catalog #8
I AM America Newsletter & Catalog #7

Science of Light Jyotish, Vedic Astrology
The Nine Grahas & Their Mantras
A Message from India, Hopi & Vedic Parallels by Prash Trivedi
The Nine Perfections
The Ages of Time
The Art of Channeling Explores the phenomenon of channeling and examines works by H. P. Blavatsky, Alice Bailey, Edgar Cayce, Paul Solomon, Emanuel Swedonborg, Jane Roberts and much more.