Audio Books

In 2013 I AM America Publishing produced its first audio book, “A Teacher Appears.” During this process Lori Toye personally narrated the autobiographical book and had the opportunity to work with the multi-talented voice-over coach Lou Hunt. “A Teacher Appears,” features voice talent from nearly twenty different narrators who transport the listener to the profound wisdom of each Spiritual Teacher.

After the successful release of “Sisters of the Flame” in 2014, Brooklyn based Brick Shop Audio lent their off-Broadway voice artists to narrate this book’s pages. This production contains instruction from many different Spiritual Teachers and features the seasoned narrations of Shari Peele, Michael Belamy, Christine Fitzgerald, and others.

Released in early 2015, the audio book version of “The Ever Present Now” includes yet another insightful and gifted narration by Brick Shop Audio featuring the voice artistry of June Wayne and Michael Belamy.

Currently I AM America Publishing offers three audio books: “A Teacher Appears,” “Sisters of the Flame,” and Lori Toye’s latest release “The Ever Present Now.

You can purchase I AM America audio books at Amazon, Audible, and iTunes.