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Book Four: Sacred Energies of the Golden Cities

Book Four: Golden Cities Series

A Guidebook to Right Now—our incredibly turbulent times, our “Time of Testing”

 The channeled lectures and study lessons in Sacred Energies tell us exactly what is going on—the big picture—and how to benefit from it: How to perceive it in a way that helps us grow and become our best, loving selves, and how, by appreciating the transcendent nature of what may feel scary and horrible, perhaps we may even experience gratitude.

Take heart:

“As the polarity of politics subsides and humanity begins to cultivate and achieve the Christ Consciousness, we enter the neutral point. This neutral point is described as unity and Oneship and ushers in a new period for humanity; poverty is removed as true abundance reigns on Earth.”

And, according to channeled Ascended Master Saint Germain, “When darkness seems to produce an all-time low, it is also the greatest opportunity for light.”

“Sacred Energies” features an in-depth study regarding the metaphysics of the Golden Cities – real locations where our spiritual growth can be expedited during the ongoing Time of Change.


ISBN: 978-1889959-22-4, (Print) 290 pages, Published Date: 5/2017

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New World Wisdom: Book Three

Teachings from the Ascended Masters

NEW! Revised Edition – New Information

9781880050699-NWW3_sm_FTcovNew World Wisdom offers a hopeful message: Human consciousness plays a pivotal role in creation, both individually and globally. In other words, “Group consciousness creates climate.” The Ascended Masters’ teachings in this book, channeled by Lori and Lenard Toye, clarify this, emphasizing that our individual consciousness is not a cause of what is going on, but rather will result in stagnation and destruction of the whole if we choose to do nothing to change our individual movements to affect the dance of group consciousness.

According to the teachings of Ascended Masters, we are in a “Time of Change”—a period of tumult in world societies, environments, climates, cultures, and politics. The good news is that all this upset comes in tandem with individual and collective spiritual awakenings and transformations. These will occur simultaneously with a literally shifting terrain; there will be new lands and oceans. We can experience these changes with fear and loathing, or we can choose to become part of them—literally changing the way we think and behave toward ourselves, each other, and the planet. To do this, we must choose self-knowledge and acknowledgment of the existence of the true self and the consciousness of the ONE—Unana.

9781880050699-NWW3_sm_BKcovBy sharing the New World Wisdom, we can begin to consciously change, and by doing so, change the group consciousness. Throughout this complex, convoluted time of tipping past almost every point of no return, we most definitely can choose to make a difference. The Spiritual Teachers in this book offer their best advice: it is time for our spiritual growth and evolution.

(Formerly New World Atlas, Volume Three)

ISBN 978-1-880050-69-9  (Print) 480 pages
Published Date: 07/2016


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I AM America Atlas

Based on the Maps, Prophecies, and Teachings of the Ascended Masters

NEW! Contains ALL of the I AM America Maps including the Map of the Ancients

I AM America Atlas of Earth Changes Maps by Lori Toye.How can we navigate the prophesied troubled times ahead? Perhaps by seeing them—literally and metaphorically. A lot has changed since the first presentation of the I AM America Earth Changes Maps almost thirty years ago, and perhaps we have required that time to fully appreciate what they offer: a look into our possible future, and through contemplation of the literal pictures—land masses, cities, and roads—the opportunity to understand how beliefs create thoughts, that create actions, that create reality. So how can we best create a healthy, humane alternative to the prophesied disaster pictured in this book—changes that the scientific community now acknowledges (global warming) and we are witnessing firsthand as hurricanes and earthquakes besiege us? The I Am America Atlas offers perhaps one of the best anthologies of Earth Changes Maps ever produced. In the decades since each Map was received by mystic Lori Toye, our insight has matured. We encourage you to contemplate these Maps. What do they mean to you? How do these pictures arise? What insights arise when you entertain the notion that changing ourselves will change our environment? What are the changes you long to embody? What can you do right now to begin your transformation—and the subsequent transformation of our future maps?

Lori Toye is known for the best-selling I AM America Earth Changes Maps, which introduced spiritual teachings of prophecy and the Time of Change. Her initial work was published more than twenty years ago before public awareness of the serious environmental issues of Global Warming and Climate Change. Lori’s work has been featured on NBC, FOX, UPN, London’s Carlton Television, in the Washington Post and the New York Times.

108 pages, Full Color

ISBN 978-1-880050-24-8  (Print)
Published Date: 05/2016

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