I AM America Map

I AM America Earth Changes Map for the United States and Golden City locations, by Lori Toye, I AM AmericaThis is the United States Earth Change Map the Ascended Masters showed Lori Toye in 1983. Since 1989 this important information has been published and has helped thousands understand the message of prophecy and the Times of Change.

The New Bays & Coastlines of the United States
The Prophesied Series of Events
The New Weather Patterns
Polar Shifts & the New Equator
Safe Places to Live
The Five New Spiritual Areas, (Golden City Vortices)

This 22″ x 28″ map is printed in soft colors and is beautifully designed. (Many people comment about the beauty of this map and its Ascended Master Radiance. Art Bell claims it is, ‘The most beautiful thing I have ever seen.’ It is perfect for gift giving and framing!)

It is printed on a heavy paper and is unfolded. Laminated and signed posters are available on request. Shipped to you in a cardboard tube.

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