I AM America Story

An Introduction
The phone was constantly ringing at the busy advertising department for the small weekly newspaper. Since Lori Toye had recently been promoted as department manager, she took the call, a request to pick up an ad from a local health food store. It was a short, but peaceful drive as her car eased across the bridge towards the little town of Carlsborg in Washington State. The sparkling, crystal waters of the Dungeness River shimmered in the light of the afternoon sun, amidst the beauty of the snow-capped Olympic Mountains that framed the western horizon. “This sale should be easy,” Lori thought to herself as she opened the door to meet the owner. A woman stood at the counter and directly pointed a finger at her, “You have work to do for Master Saint Germain!” The compelling words echoed throughout the little store. Gently setting her notebook down on the counter, Lori faced the shop owner and asked, “Who is Saint Germain?”

Comte De Saint Germain, I AM America, Lori ToyeI would like to show you his picture,” and after following the woman through tiers of neatly rowed vitamins to an office in the back, Lori gazed at a large framed portrait on the wall. The words, Comte de Saint Germain, were carefully scripted in gold lettering on the oil painting. An unusual feeling crept over Lori. As she viewed the image, she noted young aristocratic features, around 30 years old, but dated around the late eighteenth century. Oddly, she recognized the face. She had known him before…

The Journey Begins
This unusual meeting instigated a spiritual journey that would quickly introduce Lori to some of the most exceptional and inspirational information she had ever encountered. Raised in the conventional customs of a small central Idaho farming community and the conservative Missouri Synod Lutheran Church, Lori had never heard of subjects like meditation, spiritual development, or reincarnation. Florence, the owner of the health-food store, became Lori’s first teacher of the Ascended Master tradition and introduced her to the work of Saint Germain. For the next five years, Lori’s journey into this enlightened knowledge deepened as she explored meditation, visualization, spiritual healing and past life regression.

Saint Germain, I AM America, Lori ToyeThe Visit
From out of the darkness, a presence filled the room that night. Sleeping restfully in the country farmhouse where she now lived with her husband and young family, Lori awakened, convinced that she had mistakenly left a window open. A scent permeated the room reminding her of the unusual smell of an electrical charge, like the pure, fresh ozone in the air after thunderous cloudbursts of rain. Opening her eyes, she noticed a luminous figure standing at the foot of her bed. She recognized the figure-it was Saint Germain! Surrounded by an iridescent glow, his aura glimmered and glistened with the release of electric currents and bursts of purple and violet light. Strangely, Lori felt no fear and a feeling of supreme peace enveloped the room. Sitting up, she extended her hand to touch the physical presence of the Spiritual Teacher. The Master disappeared.

Earth Changes Map, I AM America, Lori ToyeThe Dream
Later that year, embraced by the restful, rhythmic breath of sleep, the image of a map appeared. But this was not an ordinary map, nor the dream, which reoccurred several times. “A large map was in front of me… and four teachers in white robes were present, pointing out earth changes, shaping a future United States.” But Lori Toye’s futuristic vision would change very little of her present-day world. It was 1983 and she lived a simple, but busy life as a farm wife and mother of three young children. Yet in only five years, her life would drastically change.

Faced with the stress of a painful divorce and rebuilding her life as a single working mother, Lori attended a spiritual meditation class at a local holistic life center. Unusual and exciting topics flourished: telepathy, re-birthing, contacting spirit guides, and channeling. One evening Lori shared her uncommon meditation experiences, “During meditation I often experience Spiritual Teachers who help and guide me.” A fellow student smiled and prophetically stated, “Oh, you must be a channel.”

The Method
Interestingly, the channeling process is something almost anyone can do, just like singing. But in the same way that one may croon romantic jazz, intone a sacred hymn, barely carry a tune, or be classically trained to sing complete operas, the type and quality of channeled material varies extensively. Lori’s twenty years of channeling experience is identified as, “Clairaudient Trance Channeling.” It is an extraordinary talent that can clairvoyantly distinguish and audibly repeat telepathically received information and images. Each session-a Trance-Mission, is recorded and then transcribed.

Ascended Masters channeled by Lori Toye, I AM AmericaThe Messenger
Some channels serve as mediums for the beings they are channeling. In the clairaudient trance state of consciousness, Lori becomes a conduit for the information that the Spiritual Teachers are presenting. While in the trance-state, she provides a unique service for the Spiritual Teachers, allowing them contact and communication with students. Much contact is carried through the practice of the Guru to Chela relationship (which is Sanskrit for, “teacher to student”) an ancient form of teaching known as the Oral Tradition.

Lord Sananda, I AM America Teachings by Lori ToyeThe Message
Over the years, Lori has worked in trance with a variety of Spiritual Teachers, and they are primarily Ascended Masters. Among the most frequent Spiritual Teachers that share information are Lord Sananda and Saint Germain-her Guru (Master Teacher). According to them, we are standing at a crossroad, facing either destruction or constructive growth and spiritual development, at an unparalleled point in converging cycles of humanity’s evolution. Each choice that we make today has the ability to change and create the world we will experience tomorrow. The Ascended Masters touch our lives with messages of hope, compassion and friendship. Lord Sananda often says, “Send this message to the Earth with love.”

The Questions & Anwser.
Better yet, the Anwser… and then more Questions!

While Lori is in the trance-state, her husband and spiritual partner Len serves as a monitor, or host for each session. Each session often contains a short discourse, or lesson that discusses aspects or instructions on a specific topic. This lesson is always followed by in-depth questions and answers. Over time we have found that if we just believe what we are told, the teachings remain very one dimensional-flat, limited and uninspired. The educational process of the Ascended Masters moves an individual beyond belief, into valuable personal experience and “unto the laboratory of self.” The Spiritual Teachers invite and encourage our questioning nature, and understand that this continuous probing into the new frontiers of consciousness and spiritual growth releases a higher potential alongside the depth and joy of creative discovery.

What we are
I AM America is an educational and publishing foundation dedicated to disseminating the Ascended Masters’ message of Earth Changes Prophecy and Spiritual Teachings for self-development. Operations are run in an atmosphere of light and balanced Feng Shui energies by a husband and wife team who hand roll, package and mail information and products with a small staff. Our first publication was the I AM America Map, which was published in September 1989. Since then we have published three more prophecy maps, five books, a video and numerous audios based on the channeled sessions with the Spiritual Teachers.

In 1994, we asked Saint Germain, “How do you see our work at I AM America?” and he answered, “I AM America is to be a clearinghouse for the new humanity.” Grabbing a dictionary, we quickly learned that the term “clearinghouse” refers to “an organization or unit within an organization that functions as a central agency for collecting, organizing, storing and disseminating documents, usually within a specific academic discipline or field.” So inarguably, we are this too. But in uncomplicated terms, we publish and share spiritually transformational information because at I AM America there is no doubt that, “A Change of Heart can Change the World.”

What we are not
We are not a church, a religion, a sect or cult and are not interested in amassing followers or members. Nor do we have any affiliation with a church, religion, political group or government of any kind. We are not a college or university, research facility, or a mystery school. El Morya once said that the best way to see ourselves is as, “Cosmic Beings, having a human experience.”

Where to start…
If you are a beginner to the transformational information of I AM America, you might want to start here:

Earth Changes Prophecy: The I AM America Map alongside Moving Into Our New World Video. This accurately explains and identifies the prophecies from the Ascended Masters.

New World Atlas, Volume One: This book contains the inspiring, “Twelve Jurisdictions,” twelve spiritual principles and virtues that introduce the important co-creation process for the New Times.

You can find all of the above at the I AM America Bookstore. For more information go to: How to study the I AM America material.