US I AM America Golden City Map

Golden Cities of the United States, by Lori Toye, I AM AmericaI AM America Golden City Map of the United States
Throughout the years many of you have inquired about the exact locations of the Golden City Vortices, (prophesied as spiritually protected areas). During the Time of Change, many people are relocating and want to enjoy the benefits of living in a Golden City Vortex. This map features the five Golden Cities of the United States. The professional, detailed, full color cartography features:

The exact locations of the Five United States Golden City Vortices, their cities, towns, and the road system to get you there.

Updated Prophecies explain the continued role of the Golden Cities during the Time of Change and into the New Times.
Close-Up Cartography of each Golden City Area as featured on the I AM America Map.

Beautiful full color, unique door poster: Size: 20″ x 64″. This Map is the perfect accompaniment to Points of Perception and Divine Destiny, from the Golden City Series.

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