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Light of Awakening, Seven Rays and the Human Aura, channeling ascended masters by Lori Toye, I AM AmericaThe Ancient Rishi Teachers of India warned over 6000 years ago that the earth could experience mass catastrophes beginning in the 21st Century. Through the study and correlation of the Seven Rays with the Vedic Science of Light Jyotish, Lori Toye, along with the guidance of her Master Teachers, presents a startling compilation of Spiritual Teaching and Ageless Knowledge.

The Rishis also predicted the Golden Age which would dissolve the Shroud of Darkness (Kali-Yuga) that has impeded human and global evolution. This galactic Light of Awakening suspends planetary darkness and recalibrates earths reception to higher energy, with a corresponding increase in humanitys spiritual intelligence. Its Rays will transform and evolve our human energy system. This effect on Global Consciousness is profound. Master Kuthumi articulates, We begin to begin, anew.

Beginning in the year 2000, extrasensory light from the center of our galaxy flooded our planet. Its impact on human behavior and world events instigated the massive disruption of the social, political and economic systems that continues today. According to leading scientists, our earth is experiencing climatic and extreme weather events, geologic change, severe damaging  earthquakes, comet and asteroid sightings, and continuous magnetic Pole ShiftEarth Changes. The same  scientists, analysts, economists and spiritual leaders agree that more drastic change is approaching.

Light of Awakening chronicles the critical passage of humanitys evolution into the New Times. This age is prophetically aligned with the hope of Unana (Unity Consciousness) alongside polarizing wars and worldwide economic calamitythe Time of Tribulation. Spiritual teachers claim this prophesied period of large-scale difficulty is reference to the return of Christ as the Christ Consciousness. This second volume of the Golden City Series reveals the spiritual lineage that predates Christianity through the Egyptian Pharoah Akhenaten (1388 BC) and his association to the Mayan Christ figure, Quetzalcoatl.

The Master Teachers and Toyes research describes prehistoric cataclysms which shaped contemporary occult schools and their spiritual traditions. The prophesied Golden Cities are connected to Shamballa, the fabled city of Buddhist lore, which  lights the New Grid of Earth. These sanctuaries expand our psychic energy and increase spiritual awareness to enable us to  transcend the destructive End Times. This also provides the important initiatory processes which enable us to seamlessly transition from the Light of Awakening into the Ascension.

Light of Awakening contains prophecies and spiritual teachings for this crucial time, including vital spiritual techniques, meditations, prayers, and decrees from the Master Teachers Saint Germain, El Morya, and Kuthumi.

Lori Toye is known for the best-selling I AM America Earth Changes Maps, which introduced spiritual teachings of Prophecy and the Time of Change. Her initial work was published more than 20 years before public awareness of the serious environmental issues of Global Warming and Climate Change. Loris work has been featured on NBC, FOX, UPN, Londons Carlton Television, in the Washington Post and the New York Times.

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