Points of Perception: Prophecies and Teachings of Saint Germain

Book One: Golden Cities Series

NEW – Revised Edition! 

Earth Changes Prophecies and Earth Changes Map by Ascended Master Saint Germain; Points of Perception by Lori Toye, I AM AmericaIn this time of massive upheaval and transition—through weather and Earth Changes, with governments crashing and new ones being born—is it possible that the words from Genesis, “And it was very good” still apply?

Yes, says Saint Germain, an Ascended Master channeled by a gentle and amazing mystic named Lori Toye. Yes!

Learn why what appears to be chaos is actually the beginning of a new harmony and why disasters are necessary. Learn how devastation is an invitation to humanity’s new life of love and service. It augurs a time to release guilt and enter into an evolution of consciousness and new creation and new levels of life itself. Learn about Golden Cities—real places with a pivotal role in the prophesied Time of Change.POP_2

For people who are new to New Consciousness thinking as well as people who have been studying metaphysics for years, the teachings in Points of Perception offer personal instruction. Included in the book are a detailed study guide and glossary featuring contemporary terms, language, and definitions for those who are interested in non-biblical prophecy, the upcoming changes, the New Times, and self-mastery alongside the Ascension Process.

ISBN 978-1-880050-57-6  (Print) 328 pages
Published Date: 01/2016

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