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Book Four: Sacred Energies of the Golden Cities

Book Four: Golden Cities Series

A Guidebook to Right Now—our incredibly turbulent times, our “Time of Testing”

 The channeled lectures and study lessons in Sacred Energies tell us exactly what is going on—the big picture—and how to benefit from it: How to perceive it in a way that helps us grow and become our best, loving selves, and how, by appreciating the transcendent nature of what may feel scary and horrible, perhaps we may even experience gratitude.

Take heart:

“As the polarity of politics subsides and humanity begins to cultivate and achieve the Christ Consciousness, we enter the neutral point. This neutral point is described as unity and Oneship and ushers in a new period for humanity; poverty is removed as true abundance reigns on Earth.”

And, according to channeled Ascended Master Saint Germain, “When darkness seems to produce an all-time low, it is also the greatest opportunity for light.”

“Sacred Energies” features an in-depth study regarding the metaphysics of the Golden Cities – real locations where our spiritual growth can be expedited during the ongoing Time of Change.


ISBN: 978-1889959-22-4, (Print) 290 pages, Published Date: 5/2017

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Fields of Light

Book Three: I AM America Trilogy

An Introduction to the Ascended Masters of the I AM America Teachings

Fields of Light, An Introduction to the Ascended Master Teachings of the I AM America Material by Lori Toye

Develop Your Inner Light

Who are you? Can you really know in an objective way? And how can you grow and change in a healthy way—a way that becomes healing to those around you and our beautiful ailing planet?

In this third book of the I AM America trilogy, mystic Lori Toye blends her entertaining personal love story (with mystic Lenard Toye) and the teachings of Ascended Masters, spirit beings dedicated to helping humanity. Saint Germain, her first Master, visited Lori unbidden and proceeded to school her—giving her visions of a new Earth with altered land and water formations as well as the possibilities of changing, averting the very prophecies of devastation he was sharing.9781880050613_BKcov

If you want to know who you are, learn from Saint Germain and his colleagues how the universe mirrors back to us our own thoughts so we can learn discernment, the power of choice, and rewarding responsibility. In twenty lessons you will take a journey to freedom and an experience of perfection and the higher love of a developed soul. Learn acceptance, detachment, sacrifice, and forgiveness. Each lesson from the Spiritual Masters develops and reinforces the inner quest for spiritual expansion—the liberation process better known in these teachings as Ascension. Learn to benefit from challenging partnerships, deal with the inevitable results of our choices, resolve seemingly unsolvable problems, and connect with spirit and the higher realms to find solace, love, resolution, and finally your inner fields of light.

“The world is in need of your light and your love,” says Saint Germain. “Come forth in your light and expand to all around you.”

ISBN 978-1-880050-61-3  (Print) 308 pages
Published Date: 01/2016

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I AM America Map

I AM America Earth Changes Map for the United States and Golden City locations, by Lori Toye, I AM AmericaThis is the United States Earth Change Map the Ascended Masters showed Lori Toye in 1983. Since 1989 this important information has been published and has helped thousands understand the message of prophecy and the Times of Change.

The New Bays & Coastlines of the United States
The Prophesied Series of Events
The New Weather Patterns
Polar Shifts & the New Equator
Safe Places to Live
The Five New Spiritual Areas, (Golden City Vortices)

This 22″ x 28″ map is printed in soft colors and is beautifully designed. (Many people comment about the beauty of this map and its Ascended Master Radiance. Art Bell claims it is, ‘The most beautiful thing I have ever seen.’ It is perfect for gift giving and framing!)

It is printed on a heavy paper and is unfolded. Laminated and signed posters are available on request. Shipped to you in a cardboard tube.

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