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In 2001, Lori and Lenard Toye joined with a handful of friends to purchase a small parcel of land located near Springerville, Arizona, in the White Mountains – Wenima Valley. Our goal was and still is to build a sustainable community of spiritually like-minded folks in the pristine and beautiful expanse of the Golden City of Gobean.

We dealt with and overcame several set-backs, and we will soon build our first off-the-grid, disaster resistant home.

In the meantime, we have made important connections with talented and proficient designers, engineers, and land-planners. We have carefully tread over the entire 300 plus acre site and defined spirit rocks, mapped important regulatory power spots, and identified the sacred geometry of this extraordinary site. During this process our Feng Shui consultant reminded us many times, “Land is sacred; it is filled with energy.” Our plans for our community include unique prototype housing that harmonizes with the surrounding physical landforms and landscape. Prototype Feng Shui is a rare form of sacred architecture that metaphysically transforms creative vision into concrete reality through calibrating and altering human consciousness. Currently, we have drawn over a dozen distinctive and exclusive architectural floor-plans.

If you would like to learn more about the project and the surrounding area please visit our Wenima Project Website. And if you would like to arrange a tour of the land, please e-mail len@wenima.com.

Lori and Lenard Toye