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Time of Testing: Event Coming Soon!

 We are now living in the great, “Time of Testing,” – a period of social conflict and chaotic change prophesied by Saint Germain as one of the most turbulent periods in our current history. Along with extreme weather and Earth Changes we are also experiencing the growth pains of spiritual development and psychic anomalies: Time Compaction, Cellular Awakening, and Vibrational Shifting. 

Time of Change

  In this four-day seminar Lori and Lenard Toye will explain this astonishing yet necessary period for both humanity and the Earth. The original I AM America Earth Changes information from the Ascended Masters will be described in detail alongside correlating research to Earth’s current global warming, extreme weather events, pole-shift, and possible tectonic plate movement and earthquake. 

Engage Your Ascension Process

  Learn how collective consciousness and humanity’s polarity are uniquely entwined, and how the remarkable divine intervention of the Golden Cities assists the new spiritual landscape of Unana – the Christ Consciousness of the Ascension Process. This event will be held in Payson, Arizona. 

Check back soon for more details and ticket sales.

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