I AM America Earth Changes Maps

I AM America Earth Changes Maps

About the Maps

Since the New World Wisdom Series centers on the prophecies and spiritual teachings of both the I AM America Map and Freedom Star World Map, I would be remiss not to share some interesting stories about both Earth Changes Maps. Through the years we have listened to hundreds of stories of people’s reaction to the Maps. 

First, I think it is important for you to understand that we consider the Maps sacred objects. That is, they hold and contain a spiritual vibration that many notice, especially when they first view or touch them. 

Because of this we almost never fold a Map. Of course there are exceptions to this, but we try to keep them rolled to resemble as closely as possible the scrolls that the Spiritual Teachers carried from the spiritual ethers and unrolled for us in the trance sessions. 

Also, before any I AM America Map leaves our office we personally whisper a prayer into it as it is packaged. We’ve quietly done this for years, and the main reason for this is that when the first I AM America Maps were printed the Spiritual Teachers claimed that the sight of a Map could inspire and initiate Spiritual Awakening. Hopefully this prayer assists and protects this heavenly intent as the Map travels through the mail service and arrives at someone’s doorstep.

Sacred objects are known to produce otherworldly qualities—spiritual phenomena—and through the years purchasers of our Maps have telephoned to comment on the “light” that they notice the Maps emit. Or they may detect an unusual scent or perfume. Most report an unusual spiritual feeling like they’ve seen the Maps before, either in a dream or vision. No doubt the Maps’ visual provokes a “knowing.”

Now, for the stories.

This first story comes from a woman who spoke at length about the spiritual experiences surrounding her Map. After she hung it up above her home altar she noticed a fragrant smell, almost an ethereal perfume that she could not describe. Several days later she noticed that the Map itself was weeping an oil and when she collected this unusual essence, she discovered that is was indeed the source of the ephemeral scent. As she spoke to Len she enthusiastically commented that she felt that, “The Map was a sacred relic,” and that its presence was “assisting her spiritual development and blessed all who came in contact.” As far as we know, the Map hung on her wall for several years and continued to weep the scented oil. For whatever reason, this experience was uniquely intended for her to assist her spiritual development.

Another account involves the eastern Indian adept and spiritual teacher, Mother Karunamayi. Considered an incarnation of Divine Mother, Mother Karunamayi travels extensively throughout the world and conveys her inspirational teachings on love, service, meditation, and self-realization. A friend of ours recently gave copies of the I AM America Maps to her. She stared at them intently and then asked, “Son, where did you get these Maps?” He answered her question by sharing the unique provenance of the Ascended Masters. She smiled and commented about the Golden Cities: “This information is normally reserved only for the Divine Beings.” She was delighted that the Golden City information was now available for the public. I’d like to add that Mother Karunamayi has two ashrams located in Golden Cities: one is located in the Indian Golden City of Prana, and the other in the Golden City of Wahanee. She is also considering a meditation retreat to be located in the Golden City of Gobean. These locations are cited on the Freedom Star World Map.

About fifteen years ago a gentle spirit contacted the I AM America office. The man explained a series of detailed Earth Changes dreams that the abbot of his monastery had recently experienced, and the community questioned if it was time to leave the San Francisco area. The only problem was that since he was a Buddhist monk he had few resources. Len explained that if he could pay for the postage, we would gladly send him our Maps free of charge. The gentleman wrote about a year later to let us know that the entire monastery had moved to Santa Fe, and he thanked us again for the Maps. This is just one of many stories like this.

I’ve saved the most interesting account for last. I first met Donna in 2010. We were both attending an intimate 2012 gathering where she described her most unique experience: “I was in Mount Shasta for a few days, and dropped into a bookstore.” She perused several rows of books when she noticed an unusual Map hanging on the wall with gold letters that read, “I AM America,” at the top. She studied the Map for several minutes and knew that she had to purchase it. After she inquired about it, a kind man at the register told her, “Sorry, it’s not for sale.” Then he prophetically added, “But you will receive a copy soon.” A bit disappointed, she left the store and returned to her car. She had driven about two miles when she decided that she had to return to the store and ask just one more time if he’d sell her the Map—she had to have it! When she returned to the store location, she couldn’t find it. She walked around the block several times and even asked several other store owners, “Do you know where the bookstore is?” They responded with blank looks. Apparently, the store did not exist—was she delusional? It was then that she realized that she had entered an ethereal bookstore and that she had likely seen a glimpse of the future. She then remembered the clerk’s gentle words, “You will receive a copy.” The year was 1986. The first I AM America Map was printed three years later in 1989!

She reached for my hand and held it tightly as tears filled her eyes, “I always knew that someday I would meet you and I would tell you this story.”

I asked her, “Well, does my I AM America Map match the one you saw?” She quickly replied, “Almost one hundred percent. The only difference is that much of the printing was in gold lettering.” And then she added with a smile, “And I knew as soon as I unrolled your I AM America Map that this was the map I saw . . . it had the same energy as the one that was hanging on that bookstore’s wall.” 

If you read the book A Teacher Appears, you will learn how I sold my house to fund the first press run of the I AM America Map. I’d like to reiterate that when I sold my house in the late eighties that it sold in only twenty-four hours. Clearly, there was an energy that was guiding and protecting the timely release of this information.

When we faced funding issues with the other Maps, numerous donations generously financed the production and press expenses. For years, the names of these donors were printed on the back of each Map. I am still a bit overwhelmed when I think of their kindness and the sheer faith they placed in this work. Again, I have no doubt that they were touched by the sublime energy of the Spiritual Teachers and their mission for humanity’s positive change. The great soul Mahatma Gandhi once said, “Be the change you want to see in the wor