I AM America is an educational and publishing foundation dedicated to disseminating the Ascended Masters’ message of Earth Changes Prophecy and Spiritual Teachings for self-development. Operations are run by a husband and wife team who, with a small staff, hand roll, package, and mail information and products from Payson, Arizona. Our first publication was the I AM America Map, which was published in September 1989. Since then, we have published three more prophecy maps, ten books, three audio books, a video, and numerous audios based on channeled sessions with the Spiritual Teachers. All of our publications and products are available at our online store, and many of our books are available in e-book format at Amazon and Barnes and Noble, and in audio book format from Amazon, Audible, and iTunes.

We are not a church, a religion, a sect, or cult and we are not interested in amassing followers or members. Nor do we have any affiliation with a church, religion, political group, or government of any kind. We are not a college or university, research facility, or a mystery school. Ascended Master El Morya once said that the best way to see ourselves is as, “Cosmic Beings, having a human experience.”

“I AM America is to be a clearinghouse for the new humanity”  was the response by  Ascended Master Saint Germain to our question, “How do you see our work at I AM America?” we asked many years ago. Grabbing a dictionary, we quickly learned that the term “clearinghouse” refers to “an organization or unit within an organization that functions as a central agency for collecting, organizing, storing, and disseminating documents, usually within a specific academic discipline or field.” So inarguably, we are this too. But in uncomplicated terms, we publish and share spiritually transformational information because at I AM America there is no doubt that, “A Change of Heart can Change the World.”