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I AM America and the Oral Tradition


The Oral Tradition and the I AM America Teachings

  Before electricity, television, or the internet, the art of story-telling played a vital role in relaying and preserving the traditions, values, history, culture, and heritage of native and indigenous peoples. However, the important purpose of the Oral Tradition may be more than cultural perpetuation, and may be associated with crucial spiritual growth and evolution. 

     According to the Master Teachers, before consciousness fell into the period of time that humanity is currently experiencing – the Golden Age of Kali Yuga – ancient societies and cultures lived and benefited through cyclic rounds of increased light frequency. Since the quality of light controls many life functions on the Earth, including life spans, spiritual understanding, and mystical ability, these cycles of time may explain the varied path of human evolution and development. The earlier cultures of Egypt and Atlantis suggest that humanity was more spiritually evolved than it is today, and readily enjoyed and employed the gifts of the super-senses: telepathy, clairvoyance, and clairaudience. There are many ancient Vedic texts that chronicle and describe human life and technology in other ages that was far superior and advanced compared to our contemporary science.  

     Interestingly, before the Earth’s cyclic rotation around the Galactic Center ushered in the Age of Iron – Kali Yuga, and the subsequent decline in Galactic Light frequencies, humanity was given the gift of the Alphabet. Since memory function would soon be substantially impaired, the written characters of consonants and vowel sounds would provide a temporary house for the images and the important narratives and legends that were once easily stored, organized, and retieved for hundreds of years solely in the human mind. When we learn a spiritual concept or precept, memorize its passages, and can easily recite it fluidly through oral narration, we are exercising and invoking our divine power. The Master Teachers call this practice the function of “True Memory.” All of our sessions with the Master Teachers are given in the Oral Tradition. Through the use of this ancient, venerated custom, parables and archetypes of consciousness are seamlessly relayed through the command of sound, nuance, magnetism, and spiritual vibration. The Kali Yuga language of the written Alphabet is temporarily circumvented and a higher frequency emerges. This technique of ancient training, Master to student, Guru to Chela, is designed to open and develop subtle and latent powers that are currently dull and mute from lack of use. This important process and education is often described as the training of, “the eyes to see, ears to hear.”