I AM America Recorded Trance Sessions


About the I AM America Recorded Trance Sessions

  The Spiritual Lessons from the Master Teachers are voice received trance channeling (clairaudient) and we have made every effort to keep the recordings in their authentic, original condition. There have been no alterations to the sound quality so each listener may receive full benefit of the vibrational energy through this unique type of trance-work and its transformational healing effect. We have kept this information on cassette tape, as digital conversion will destroy the natural magnetism that is also conveyed and recorded throughout each individual trance session. The unique combination of the Teacher’s magnetism and their consciousness expanding wisdom transmits an essential, yet precious Alchemy that is rarely achieved through conventional spiritual pursuit. Listening to authentic I AM America trance-work has many benefits, including:  

Access to the subconscious mind, (astral state), while simultaneously connecting to the conscious mind, (physical state).

Circumvents the ego state, and activates the spiritual self – the I AM.

Provides vital spiritual experience of varied states of consciousness.

Creates unity with the I AM – the God state of consciousness.

Initiates Oneness and Unity Consciousness.

Opens the God Mind through the use of metaphor and active, flowing imagery.

Transforms negative beliefs and establishes positive, life-affirming knowledge.

Reduces stress and emotional pain.

Helps to release and lessen difficult karmas and spiritual blockages.

Balances energy fields, (aura), and produces harmony, peace, and well-being.

Awakens our spiritual potential and innate divinity. 

Can produce spiritual ecstatic states or peak experiences, described in the works of Abraham Maslow.

*Do not listen to these tapes while driving. Listening to trance-work can evoke a similar state of trance-consciousness. It is suggested to listen to these tapes when you are awake, calm, and receptive to personal spiritual growth and experience.   

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